Odor-transformer gel

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  • Wohnmobile
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Product details
  • Vehicle type Wohnmobile, Wohnvans, Wohnwagen
Product description
Odor-transformer gel

Smells influence our well-being – ensure a fresh scent, even on-the-go, with our odor-transformer.  The odor-transformer has been specially designed for use in our vehicles to fight unpleasant odors for long periods. By eliminating the odor right at the source you can enjoy a fresh and clean living climate. Whether in the bathroom, living area, or in the kitchen – the biologically based gel is distributed slowly and evenly into the air, binding unpleasant odors while emitting a light fragrance. The practical holder fits discreetly into the interior. Water-based gel made with essential oils.

Fragrance: Swiss Pine


  • Color of holder: Ivory
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 65x65x70mm
  • Weight: Gel container 65g
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