Bike Holder Elise C644

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Bike Holder Elise C644

Discover the versatile possibilities with the bicycle holder from Bürstner - the intelligent combination for your Camper Van garage.

The bicycle holder for your rear garage offers maximum comfort and a secure hold for all types of bicycles. It is effortlessly attached to the saddle tube by means of a modular attachment bar, while the saddle remains in the bike. With the flexible ceiling rails and bicycle rail floor plates, the bicycles can be securely fixed in a space-saving manner.

The Buerstner rear garage bike holder makes bike transport comfortable and space-saving - ready for your next adventures on four wheels!

Technical data:

  • Buerstner bicycle holder set: Weight 7.5kg
  • Axle adapter with claw: weight 0.3kg
  • The axle adapter can be used for fork sizes 100 or 110 mm and for axle diameters 5 or 15mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Bürstner bicyle holder set- incl. ceiling rails and floor plates M - for 2 bicycles
  • Axle adapter with claw - M