Magnetic Champagne flutes

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Product details
  • Vehicle type Camper vans, Caravanes, Motorhomes
Product description
Magnetic Champagne flutes

 A highlight on-the-go – these magnetic glasses are the perfect companion on trips.  Cups and glasses are outfitted with magnets, the flexible coasters made from a metallic nano-gel pad adhere perfectly onto virtually any surface and ensure a secure hold.  No more rattling or falling over – even on a bumpy ride. A clever stowage system and eye-catcher in one. Made in Germany.

  • 2 drinking cups 0.25 l with magnet + 2 washable, slip-proof gel coasters
  • High-grade plastic, break-proof
  • Dimensions: Height: 100mm; Width: 82mm

IMPORTANT NOTES for magnetic products:

  • Please store the glasses in an upright position while driving. Hanging storage in stationary position only - therefore our metal strip is absolutely necessary (the magnetic force of the coasters is not sufficient)
  • It is recommended to wash the entire magnetic range by hand
  • The pads should not be exposed directly to strong sunlight + heat. After use, e.g. in direct sun, please stow away again.
  • Use on windshields is not recommended
  • Remove magnetic glasses from the metal bar in case of strong heat or icy cold. The large temperature variations can cause the detachment of the magnets
  • In general, pads/coasters/mats should only be used on closed, sealed surfaces.
  • Magnets can attract sharp, metallic objects – please take special care

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