Garage shelving system

Garage shelving system

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  • Motorhomes

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Product details
  • Material Aluminium, Plastic
  • Model range / model Ixeo I 690, Ixeo I 728, Ixeo T 690 G, Ixeo T 728, Ixeo TL 728 G, Lyseo TD 680 G, Lyseo TD 690 G, Lyseo TD 710 G, Lyseo TD 727 G, Lyseo TD 728 G
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Vehicle type Motorhomes
Product description
Garage shelving system

The garage shelving system with folding boxes ensures a tidy rear stowage area and secure stowage of luggage and supplies. The rear stowage area is optimally utilized, the folding boxes can be folded together if desired and swiveled upwards – this way you have the entire stowage area available to transport bulkier items. Solid aluminum profiles, 4 folding boxes and bike mount included.

Availability depends on the model

-          Height of shelf post: 994 mm

-          Dimensions of folding boxes: 400x300 mm

-          Weight: approx. 11 kg

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